27 Feb 2022


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

C0ca Ceremony & sound baths

Cacao Ceremony Circle and Sound Bath

Cacao known as theobroma, the food of the Gods, is a plant medicine as we know commercially called “chocolate”.
We drink a dose of Cacao, 100% raw, ceremonial and pure, in order to activate and expand our heart, our blood vessels dilates and we are able to be more aware to the feelings which arises while working with meditation and Sound Healing.
We dance (gentle body movement), allowing the expression to come out and we sing.
We open the space with medicine music and Breath Work.
We journal or draw Mandalas it depends of the group and the intention of the work.

It is a safe space to connect and surrender.

Cacao is not hallucinogens and it is safe for kids, pregnancy and lactation.

There are some contraindications in case of high blood pressure or If combined with some medications for depression. In that case a smaller dose is served.

The duration of the workshop is about 4 hours, including the integration circle and some food sharing.
€62 for 4 hours

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