08 Oct 2022


3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Cacao Ceremony with Claudia

Cacao is a drink that the gods drank in the past, today we know that cacao is the seed that opens the heart and invites us to go to our personal underworld.
What happens in our body when we drink Ceremonial Cacao is that the blood flow speeds up, so our brain receives greater clarity, as well as our heart begins to beat and let itself be heard.
In the ceremony, Cacao takes us by the hand and shows us who we are, what exists within us and what infinite possibilities we have to create, we go deep to observe what we have accumulated, to feel it and to trust our inner wisdom to release, open space and drop.

P.S.  Cacao is not a psychedelic plant

Contribution €33
Hours: 4pm-6pm
Instagram @claudia_walkinginbeauty
Mobile : 0871512864